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Quality Control / TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of Cosmetic Packaging, Plastic products in Taiwan with professional R&D and Technical Team.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

TYH establishes all the quality assurance systems of the company according to the requirements and specifications of international quality standards, and introduces various types of precision measuring instruments for various managements to ensure and improve the quality standards of products, such as:vernier caliper, tensile testers, torque testers, altimeters, etc. equipment are required to perform different dimensional measurements and functional tests according to each product category.

TYH's quality management includes quality inspection at the manufacturing site of the in-process product, comprehensive quality management in non-production departments to improve the quality of business execution, and quality control is implemented in each manufacturing link, targeting key processes and even semi-finished products. At each stage, such as the first article inspection, detailed and meticulous inspections are carried out to ensure the functional test of the main products, color saturation, transparency, and then online self-inspection is required to effectively find problems in time and improve production yield.Sampling inspection, warehousing inspection and shipment inspection, etc.

The production management follows the 5S principle. The finished products are tested and quality controlled according to the quality specifications set by ISO, so as to maintain the quality of the finished products, and improve the quality control procedures as the highest guiding principle of the company's operation to meet the needs of customers.


Altimeters measure neck size of bottles to fit the pumps and deepness, height.

Vernier caliper

Vernier caliper measure the inner, outer diameter, length and deepness of the product.

Feeler gauges

Feeler gauges are used for measuring gap widths two objects that are close together.

Torque testers

Torque testers are used to measure the maximum torque of opening and closing the caps.

Vacuum leak detector

Vacuum leak detector is used for detecting air leaking, heat resistance testing.

Tensile testers

Tensile testers are used for measuring the strength of caps and other components.


Magnifiers are used to enlarge the size of images to vision check if there is any defect.

Electronic scales

Electronic scales are used to weigh the products (0.01g-300g).

Quality Control | Cosmetic Jars & Bottles | Wholesale & Bulk Manufacturer | TYH

Located in Taiwan since 1984, TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a cosmetic packaging bottles and jars manufacturer. Their main plastic cosmetic packaging products, include Airless Bottles, Cosmetic Spray Bottles, Transparent Cosmetic Containers, Skin Care Cream Jars, Dispenser Pumps, Make-up Loose Powder Jars and Refillable Cosmetic Bottles, which provides one-stop design and manufacturing services in order to meet international quality standards.

TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1984, is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic containers. We committed to delivering excellent service and products. The integration of development, modern manufacturing techniques, and strict quality control makes TYH apart from its competitors for over thirty years. We consistently provide unmatched quality and customer satisfaction at competitive prices to our global customers. The integration of cosmetic container development, modern manufacturing techniques, and strict quality control makes TYH apart from its competitors for over thirty years.

TYH has been offering customers high-quality cosmetic packaging bottles and jars, both with advanced technology and 38 years of experience, TYH ensures each customer's demands are met.