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Packaging Reuse Recycle / TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of Cosmetic Packaging, Plastic products in Taiwan with professional R&D and Technical Team.

PCR Bottle.

Sustainability Packaging

Packaging Reuse Recycle

Welcome to TYH, the plastic cosmetic container industry where we are committed to providing eco-friendly and high-quality products, allowing your beauty to align with the planet's well-being. At TYH, we deeply understand the environmental impact of plastic waste and have innovatively addressed this issue.

Our plastic cosmetic containers at TYH are designed with a green and sustainable approach, using premium recyclable materials. Furthermore, we actively seek ways to reduce resource consumption and carbon footprint, striving towards sustainable development goals.

With extensive experience in the plastic cosmetic container industry, TYH understands the needs and requirements of our customers. Therefore, we offer a variety of container sizes and designs to meet different packaging demands. Our containers not only protect your products from external influences but also provide an elegant and modern appearance.

TYH upholds strict standards for product quality and focuses on continuous innovation and improvement. Through close collaboration with our customers, we can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you are an emerging brand or a well-established enterprise, TYH can offer the best plastic cosmetic container solutions.

By choosing TYH's plastic cosmetic containers, you are making a contribution to the future of our planet. Let us join hands and work together for beauty and sustainable development.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact TYH. We look forward to working with you.

We can add different proportions of PCR materials according to our clients' demands. You can have many decoration methods to give PCR products new design like color injection, silk screen printing and hot stamping. For now, we can offer PCR PE, PCR PP and PCR PET materials which comply with the requirements of the RoHS Regulations.

Sustainability Packaging

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PCR-PE Round Bottle.PP Cap - PCR-PP, PE Packaging Reuse Recycle Bottle.
PCR-PE Round Bottle.PP Cap

Introducing the JNPC-PE PCR cosmetics bottle packaging, produced using PCR PE material that...

PCR-PE Round Bottle - PCR-PP, PE Packaging Reuse Recycle Bottle.
PCR-PE Round Bottle

plastic%20bottles which is the main advantage,PCR plastic is that it’s durable material and can be recycle....

PCR Plastic Airless Bottle - Plastic airless Bottle
PCR Plastic Airless Bottle

Introducing the TYH AIRA PCR PP round airless bottle series, crafted from 100% recycled PP material....

PCR Airless Pump Bottle - Airless Pump Bottle
PCR Airless Pump Bottle

TYH's focus on developing cosmetic containers and packaging made from PCR (Post-consumer recycled)...

PCR_PE Boston Round Cosmetic Bottle - HDPE Boston Round Lotion Bottle
PCR_PE Boston Round Cosmetic Bottle

NA PCR PE Round bottle crafted from 100% recycled PE material. The standard color for the Boston...

PCR PP Heavy Wall Cream Jar - Cream Jar
PCR PP Heavy Wall Cream Jar

Introduce our plastic jars TA-PP PCR PP series is a round cream jar produced by 100% recycle...

PCR_PP Cream Jar mockup - Cream Jar mockup
PCR_PP Cream Jar mockup

The PB PCR PP round cream jar is a fantastic choice in our range of PCR packaging solutions....

PCR_PET Cream Round Jar - Round Cream Jar
PCR_PET Cream Round Jar

30% PCR PET round jar is an excellent choice among our range of PCR packaging solutions. This...

PP Square Bottle - PCR PP Square Bottle
PP Square Bottle

The PCR PP Square bottle represents a new approach to eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, seamlessly...

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Sustainability Packaging | Cosmetic Packaging Bottles & Jars Manufacturer | TYH

Located in Taiwan since 1984, TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a cosmetic packaging bottles and jars manufacturer. Their main plastic cosmetic packaging products, include Sustainability Packaging, Airless Bottles, Cosmetic Spray Bottles, Transparent Cosmetic Containers, Skin Care Cream Jars, Dispenser Pumps, Make-up Loose Powder Jars and Refillable Cosmetic Bottles, which provides one-stop design and manufacturing services in order to meet international quality standards.

TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1984, is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic containers. We committed to delivering excellent service and products. The integration of development, modern manufacturing techniques, and strict quality control makes TYH apart from its competitors for over thirty years. We consistently provide unmatched quality and customer satisfaction at competitive prices to our global customers. The integration of cosmetic container development, modern manufacturing techniques, and strict quality control makes TYH apart from its competitors for over thirty years.

TYH has been offering customers high-quality cosmetic packaging bottles and jars, both with advanced technology and 38 years of experience, TYH ensures each customer's demands are met.