A: You can send inquiries or place orders from TYH official website directly, and also email to TYH official mailbox (tyh@tyhcontainer.com), our sales team will revert back in first priority once received.

A: Over-diluted like liquids, or over sticky like oils is not available for airless system containers.
A: We also have spatular, pump and inner plug…etc.
A: For more details, please head to TYH website & banners in first page.
A: TYH has various series and ranges for selections, we can assist on completion.
A: We have 18/415, 20/410 and 24/410 normally, and keeping renew by yearly developments.
A: Basic MOQ is different based on customized container requirements, we’d suggest to send inquiries from TYH official website for checking.
A: Our products are pure, eco-friendly and recycled mostly.
A: We have had focus on cosmetics or personal cares fields over 35 years, and follow with fashion trends by years, we are willing to provide our professional experience for customers' evaluations and brainstorming together.
A: Keeping the cargos away from over high or low temperatures, and avoiding the place exposed to the sun directly.

A: It have different ways from how to use.

A: We have round, square, cone…etc., keeping renew by yearly developments.