What is airless pump bottle?

Airless technology has been a trendy option for medical, beauty and cosmetic packaging which can prevent from product being polluted by air and microbes.
Airless function ensures no air gets back into the container, so the expiration date is able to extend and keeps the quality of the content.
In response to various demands, airless bottle is divided into SCREW-ON and SNAP-ON top.
While consumers are able to refill the content easily by using Screw-on pumps, suppliers may also choose Snap-on top in order to keep the freshness and quality of the product.

Screw-on Top

Snap-on Top

Airless pump bottle is applicable for viscous products, and widely applied on cosmetic products such as serum, foundation, toner, cream and lotion.

Meet a problem when using airless pump bottle?
Airless bottle creates a vacuumed function while pressing the button, but sometimes will cause function failure on highly viscous or high density products. If you are having a problem with pressing the content out, please follow below instruction:

Step 1. Check if the pump top is properly assembled with bottle.

Step 2. Discharging the air inside the piston by a few presses.

Step 3. Clip-on the cap and tap a few times on the bottom.