Mini Jars


Small jar, practical and economic pocket single wall PP jars or Acrylic Double Wall jars for your cosmetic product in small presentation, more than giving a compact design and is giving extra protection, beauty and brand presence. 

TYH mini plastic jars available in all sizes and volumes from 3ml jar, 5ml jar and 10ml jar.


Round and Eye Shape Clear Color for Sample Plastic jar, Small pots

Our new hot small jars sales, in round or eye shape round jars are perfect for cream cosmetics will always help to reaches the highest sales in the marketing.

This small jar can be in customized color and printing or hot stamping artwork, jar in round shape or eye shape depanding the design you are looking, in use for skin care and personal care product.

Available in 3ml and 5ml.

PETG material Round Plastic Jar in clear color for Sample jar, Small pots

If you want to prove a small packaging jar with excellent preservers quality in amid of this tough economy

TYH Container has released a set of gorgeous small round plastic jars that offer companies the distinct possibility of creating a luxury packing for their product.

This simple and classical plastic jar series, made of recyclable PETG material, has thick wall finishing, is available in 5ml and 10ml.

Simple square PETG Plastic Small Jar with Round Cap

Out of the regular shape, TYH design Simple square PETG plastic small jar with thick wall to display your luxurious brand. In use for special and unsqueezable products easy to take it everywere as a travel kits, samples, promotion, such as cosmetics, personal care and spa products.

This plastic pot it has large customizing options to make your packing unique in the market, it is available in 5ml and 10ml.

Square Shape Cream Jar, Stackable Small Jar

The FQ jar is designed square sharp edges to give this product more chic look!. Cap & Jar are made of PMMA with ABS inner cap and PP inner cup, can be stackable layer by layer in any quantity you assign!

The double wall cap & jar struture can be processed with spraying painted color on the outsite of outer cap & jar, inner of outer cap & jar and outside of inner cap & jar according to your designs.

TYH designs the most elegant containers for products, suitable for samples, traveling kits, promotion items for various skin care products, such as eye cream, facial cream...etc.

Stackable jar available in sizes 3ml, 6ml, 9ml, 12ml…and so on and so forth.

Single jar available in 3ml, 5ml and 7ml.

PP material Round small Jar,Sample Jar, Small pots

TYH container has a simple PP round small jar with single wall design, recyclable and with a economical advantage in use for personal care, hair treatment, spa products and so on.

Adorable arched angle from top to bottom, the most popular packaging of your product solution. this small plastic jar eco-friendly with our best recommendation.

Available in 5ml and 10ml