PET Cream Jar

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PET Cream Jar - PET Cream Jar
  • PET Cream Jar - PET Cream Jar
  • PET Cream Jar TA SIZE.
  • PET Cream Jar TA SIZE-1.

PET Cream Jar


PET Round Cosmetic Jar in high transparent color and thicker wall, it is looks just like glass jar.mThis series offer wide range of sizes for choose.

The PET thick wall jars with the PE inner cover (disc cover) which could prevent the ingredient from pollution.

Because the PET material are more high chemical resistance, products are suitable for face creams, skin creams, eye creams, hair care creams and exfoliating scrubs products.

  • Available Capacity : 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml and 250ml.
  • Standard Color : ABS/PET Black round Cap + PE White Cap liner + PE Transparent Inner Cover (15ml PP) + PET Clear round Jar
  • Standard Color : ABS/PET Black round Cap + PE White Cap liner + PET Clear round Jar
TA15 (PET) D 42.5 x H 36.1 mm 18 ml / 0.63 oz Without Inner Cover: 20ml / 0.70oz
TA30 (PET) D 52.5 x H 41.6 mm 35 ml / 1.23 oz Without Inner Cover: 40ml / 1.41oz
TA50 (PET) D 59.6 x H 42.3 mm 52 ml / 1.83 oz Without Inner Cover: 57ml / 2.01oz
TA100 (PET) D 72 x H 53.2 mm 110 ml / 3.87 oz Without Inner Cover: 118ml / 4.15oz
TA150 (PET) D 95 x H 44.9 mm 162 ml / 5.70 oz Without Inner Cover: 175ml / 6.16oz
TA200 (PET) D 95 x H 54.4 mm 213 ml / 7.50 oz Without Inner Cover: 225ml / 7.92oz
TA250 (PET) D 95 x H 64 mm 260 ml / 9.15 oz Without Inner Cover: 275ml / 9.68oz

PET Cream Jar (TA)

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TYH PET Cream Jar Service Introduction

Based in Taiwan since 1984, TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a PET Cream Jar supplier and manufacturer in Plastic Products Industry.

We are committed to delivering one-stop excellent service and products. The integration of cosmetic container development, modern manufacturing techniques, and strict quality control makes TYH apart from its competitors for over thirty years.