Business Processes

Business Processes

Business Processes

Business Processes

Business Processes

With over 30 years experience and professional R&D team , TYH specializes in the characteristics and applications of various plastic materials and our good quality products are highly recognized by our worldwide customers.

Inquiring Processing
Our sales representative will discuss the shape, volume and requirements with clients and recommend the suitable items to our clients.

The clients can provide the design, photos, samples or any other requirements for our reference.

Our sales representative will provide the related technology evaluation for the products and the secondary processes.

We will offer the quotation according to the products, decoration, and quantity.

Ordering Processing
Our sales representative will issue proforma invoice to our clients according to product detail, quantity and price.

Invoicing Processing
Down payment will be required for the order.

Pre-production Processing: Pre-production samples
We provide pre-production samples to our clients for confirming function, sizes and compatibility test.

Pre-production Processing: Decoration
We will do mass production after the clients confirm all about the color, silk screen printing, and hot stamping.

Mass Production Processing: Producing
We produce the products with automatically machines and proceed with spot check on production line.

Mass Production Processing: Assembling
Assembling and packaging

Inspection Processing: during production
Inspect the products according ISO quality standards to make sure all our products are qualified.

Inspection Processing: Before shipment
We will inspect the final products or our clients will arrange the inspection before shipment. The balance payment will be required after inspection.

We will protect the products with necessary packaging to deliver them in good condition.

TYH Cosmetic Containers Service Introduction

Based in Taiwan since 1984, TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a plastic cosmetic container supplier and manufacturer in Plastic Products Industry.

We are committed to delivering excellent service and products. The integration of cosmetic container development, modern manufacturing techniques, and strict quality control makes TYH apart from its competitors for over thirty years.