Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of Cosmetic Packaging, Plastic products in Taiwan with professional R&D and Technical Team.

Which kind Airless Bottles could TYH offer? And we are explain how to use the Airless Pump Bottle?

TYH Airless Pump offer idea for GREEN packaging, which mean produced by eco friendly recycle PP material or PET material.

Q1. : What is Airless Bottle?
Airless bottles is made by vacuum pressure principle along with the structure of precision airtight design to block air and external bacterium.

Q2 : What are the advantages of Airless Bottle?
1. Avoiding air completely for keeping formulas in perfect condition.
2. Using efficiently without any residues.

Q3. Inner formulas suitable for Airless Bottle :
Available for all formula except oil contents with high specific gravity, such as cleansing oil, we recommend to make compatibility testing if any necessories.

Q4. How to use Airless Bottle? What is its design principle?
1. There is no pipet inside of airless bottle, it's necessary to press around 8 - 10 times for discharging air firstly before using.
2. Keeping bottom's air hole unimpeded in order to making pressing function smoothly and perfectly.


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TYH Which kind Airless Bottles could TYH offer? And we are explain how to use the Airless Pump Bottle? Introduction

TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Plastic Products Industry. TYH has been offering our customers high quality Airless Bottle, Cosmetic Bottle, Cosmetic Containers, Cosmetic Jar, Spray Bottle, Dispenser Pump, Loose Powder Jar, Plastic Jar, Plastic Cosmetic Containers since 1984. With both advanced technology and 38 years experience, TYH always make sure to meet each customer's demand.