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What is a Airless Bottle? How to use the Airless Pump Bottle?

Q1. What is an Airless Bottle?
The Airless bottle is squeezed to exhaust air to vacuum, reducing the possibility of contents oxidation or deterioration to maintain the best shelf life. Meanwhile, when the pump is pressed, the air pump will rise bottom piston up caused by compressed air to scratch up and collect the rest of the content for next use for saving unnecessary waste. The airless bottle is suitable for body lotion, skincare products, foundation, etc. to provide good personal hygiene.

Q2 What are the advantages of Airless Bottle?
1. Avoid contact of the internal product with oxygen/air to maintain the freshness of the product.
2 Completely use your preciously beauty products until its empty.

Q3. Inner material of Airless Bottle:
It is not suitable for filling with high specific gravity oil content (for example: cleansing oil)

Q4. How to use the Airless Bottle? What is its design principle?
1. The Airless Bottle does not have a straw, it is necessary to press several times (about 8 to 10 times) to discharge the air in the packaging.
2. Do not block the air hole on the bottom, for example: use a sticker to stick to the extraction hole at the bottom of the bottle, which will make the function of air impossible to press.


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