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TYH CONTAINER Category by Prodcut Name Service Introduction

TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Category by Prodcut Name supplier and manufacturer with more than 31 years experence. Since 1984, in the Plastic Container Packaging Industry, TYH CONTAINER has been offering our customers high quality Category by Prodcut Name production service. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, TYH CONTAINER always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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Prodcut List

TYH container is a high quality manufacturer of Plastic Packaging for more than thirty years

Our packaging products such as cosmetic jars, cosmetic bottles, cosmetic containers, lotion bottles, airless pump bottles, clear plastic containers, cosmetic packaging, plastic containers and cosmetic mini jars.

  • Hot Sale
    Hot Sale
    The most popular cosmetic packaging!

    TYH's popular products including Lotion Bottles, Cream Jars, Double-Walled Lotion Bottle, Double-Walled Cream Jar. You may find out the ideal packagings for various product range from classic single wall bottles to luxurious double wall designed bottle and jars.

  • Caps/Pumps/Sprayer
    Variety of Plastic Pumps, Sprayer or Mist Sprayer Pumps, Dispensing Pumps and Lotion Pumps for selection!

    TYH Container design most comprehensive range of standard and custom designed molds for Pumps: Spray or Mist Sprayers Pumps, Dispensing Pumps, Lotion pumps, Acrylic caps, PP caps or Aluminum caps, Cosmetic cap, Plastic Closures; As well as injection molding services. These products are designed and engineered to achieve maximum product integrity and efficiency, and you will find a variety of possibilities to close your container and thereby your media safely and hygienic.

  • Cosmetic / Loose Powder Jars
    Cosmetic / Loose Powder Jars
    Cosmetics Jar, Powders Jar with Sifter

    TYH Container in Make up color cosmetic line are available in few different option; The new empty colored stackable, twist & screw function clear cosmetic mini pots and loose powder jars.For a professional makeup artist, hobbyist, these plastic containers will be suit whatever your cosmetic needs are.

  • Cream Jars
    Cream Jars
    Cream Jars for Single Wall or Double Wall

    TYH Container in plastic jars, small jar, acrylic jar are available in 2 different option; Single Wall and double Wall cream jars.The luxury look Double Wall jars in material plastic arylic or PP. The Superior clarity heavy Single Wall jars in material PETG or light weight in material PP.Matt finish and frost effect look. Available decoration: Coating, silk printing, gold/silver hot stamping and labeling are all possible.

  • Cosmetic Bottles
    Cosmetic Bottles
    Bottles for Single Wall or Double Wall

    TYH empty plastic bottles are available in 2 different option; Single wall and double wall bottle.The luxury look double wall plastic bottle made in material Arylic. The most papular size in 30ml plastic bottle and 50ml plastic bottle. The Superior clarity single wall plastic bottle made in material PETG or light weight PET, PP and PE. From size 30ml plastic bottle to 300ml plastic bottle.Available decoration: Coating, silk screen printing, gold/silver hot stamping and labeling.

  • Airless Bottles
    Airless Bottles
    Airless pump bottle

    TYH Container is a high quality taiwan airless pump bottles supplier and manufacturer, airless pump bottles are available in Single Wall and Double Wall.Airless packaging can prevent air and microbes contact of the product, no air gets back into the package means the quality of the product's shelf life is extended. Airless Pump Bottles is capable of handling very viscous products compared to a conventional pump, use on cosmetic products such as lotions, foundations, toners and serums.Material in PP airless bottles, PETG airless bottles, Aluminum airless bottles.Matt finish and frost effect look. Available decoration: Coating, silk printing, gold/silver hot stamping and labeling are all possible.

  • Samples / Travel Containers
    Samples / Travel Containers
    Mini Pots and Small Bottles

    TYH Container in mini bottle and travel bottle kit line, small plastic jar is the best option of packaging for all occasions, exposiciones, customers gifts or simple sales of pocket cosmetics, practical to carry everywhere, giving comfort to your customer wherever they go.Available decoration: Coating, silk printing, gold/silver hot stamping and labeling are all possible.

  • Cosmetic Glass Bottles
    Cosmetic Glass Bottles

    Glass has a stable and clean properties can be perfect to show the product in the bottle,we also have deep color bottle to avoid direct sunlight and extend the shelf life of product.Glass dropper can avoid product waste, every essence can be the most effective use and make the glass bottles more luxurious.TYH's glass bottles capacity available from 10ml,15ml,25ml to 30ml,suitable for essentail oils,essence,available spray paint color.

  • Bottles and Jars
    Bottles and Jars
    lotion bottle and cream jar with perfect coordination at practical prices.

    We selected beauty lotion bottles and perfect cream jars, you can have more choice about set of groups, also you can inject costom color, spray paint color, hot stamping to suitable your product what want to show, It giving the product luxurious design.

  • Jerrican / Liquid Container
    Jerrican / Liquid Container
    Empty Plastic Container

    TYH Containers offers a wide variety of plastic bottles and containers. High and low density polyethylene, autoclavable polypropylene come in many sizes and shapes, including boston rounds, Square Shape.

  • Stock Item
    Stock Item
    Goods on hand in storage for sale

    TYH quality product ready to go, Stock items is not bad quality, its produce more with customer's order ...Small batches! Short lead-time! Suitable price! FREE COST in decoration!Browse your opportunity container and contact us for more information