TYH Container is a high quality manufacturer of cosmetic containers for more than 30 years. We have many kind of cosmetic container such as cosmetic bottle, cream jar, color cosmetic pot, loose powder jar, ampoule bottle, airless bottle, glass bottle, mini travel bottle and jar, bottle cap, sprayer pump, dispenser pump. You can choose by yourself or TYH can help you to build up your unique item.


Packaging for lotion, cosmetics, and skincare products, etc.

Our Cosmetic Container including cream jars, lotion bottles, ampoule bottles, and other bottles and accessories. These containers complied with the requirement of individual appearances and shapes make your impressed product bring out its unique charisma and sense. You also can refer to our cosmetic collection sets for your complete professional cosmetics series. TYH is always contributed to supporting your perfect brand image for high-end cosmetic products.

Sustainable Environmental-friendly Material

TYH offers various materials of packaging for the cosmetics industry. In addition to PP, HDPE, Acrylic, and other classic materials, we also produce the containers with environmental-friendly materials.

Innovative Outward Appearances Design

TYH provides a variety of exterior designs of the cosmetic containers you have almost seen on the market. Whether looking for a near-glassed, fashioned, lightweight, and minimalist product design, you can contact us for choosing a high-end product nearly your brand.

Professional Individualized Decoration

The outward appearance of the product directly causes the success of its sales. We provide personalized decoration services, including injection color, silk screen printing, spray finish, metallization, and hot stamping to make your unique brand enter the market quickly.