Bottles and Jars


We selected beauty lotion bottles and perfect cream jars, you can have more choice about set of groups, also you can inject costom color, spray paint color, hot stamping to suitable your product what want to show, It giving the product luxurious design.


Square Cosmetic Bottles + Square Cream Jar

TYH committed to the development of new Plastic Cosmetic Container to meet market demands. These square curved Cosmetic Bottles and Cream jars are elegant designs for the Personal Skin Care Products.

GR series is single wall square curved bottle, square design make this bottle more noble and classicc.

ER series and FR series are double wall square curved cream jars, double wall design can decorate in diffrent layer to make your product gorgeous.

Double Wall Cylindrical Lotion Bottles & Cream Jars from Cosmetic Packaging Factory

These Empty Cosmetic Containers are luxury designed for Skin Care Products, from injection process, blowing process and secondary processes are all handled by our own Cosmetic Packaging Factory in Taiwan.

JN series of cylindrical bottles can effectively match all kinds of cosmetic cream jar design.

KN series are double wall round jar with straight cap, straight cap design make product clear and neat.

Double Wall Cylindrical lotion Bottle + Double Wall Curve Cream Jar

Double wall design can decorate diffrent sprayer color in diffrent wall, it's also make product gorgeous and luxury.

LCN series are double wall Curve jar. we also have straight cap, aluminum Cap or Single Wall Cap for use.

Round Double Wall Slim Shape Plastic Bottle+Round Double Wall Cosmetic Cream Jar

The most popular plastic bottle design is double wall presentation give a crystal touch and appearance outside, hot stamping, metallization, spray painting can making the elegant and atractive for your product.

EN cosmetic bottles has two type cap for selection: Clear Plastic Cap or Shinny silver/Shinny gold aluminum cap.

The DN series is a TYH container round double wall cosmetic cream jar, always reaches the highest sales in the marketing. DN jars are made of PMMA and inner made it of PP, making the jars luminescent.

Oval Curved Shape Bottle + Double Wall Curve Round Cosmetic Cream Jar

Curved design make JOPC lotion bottle and LCA cream Jar perfect design.

Curved shape design can make packaging gorgeous noble ,painting and injection custom color with your logo printed will be able to have your product more than unique.

Single Wall Cylindrical Roound Lotion Bottle + Double Wall Round Cream Jar

Cylindrical Round is a popular design for cosmetic packaging, it's suitable for every product.

JN-PT series of single wall cylindrical lotion bottle, can be any with lotion pump, sprayer, aluminum cap and other accessories.

DN series of cream jars with double wall design, soft cap design make this product elegant.

Oval Curved Bottle in Double-Wall+Oval Shaped Plastic Jar in Double Layer

TYH container develop new and gorgeous cosmetic packaging, Double wall platic containers always be the first choese about luexury cosmetic packaging.

JO series are designed in Oval Curved with Double-Wall PMMA material, another advanced feature is the Screw-On Sheath which is easy for consumer to renew the inner bottle after the content is ran out.

LO series features a double oval curve design, and the glass-colored outer and inner cups provide one of the best choices for luxury packaging for your products.