PETG Cream Jars

PETG is a superior chemical resistance material with transparent color, it is generally used for skin care jars and cream products.

PETG material Round Plastic Jar in clear color for Sample jar, Small pots

If you want to prove a small packaging jar with excellent preservers quality in amid of this tough economy

TYH Container has released a set of gorgeous small round plastic jars that offer companies the distinct possibility of creating a luxury packing for their product.

This simple and classical plastic jar series, made of recyclable PETG material, has thick wall finishing, is available in 5ml and 10ml.

Round PETG Cream Jar in Single-wall for Skin Care, Personal Care and Haire Care Products

TYH Container PETG plastic round jar offers you the entire solution for different product-line usage.

This simple and classical cosmetic cream jar has thick straight wall, which may catch what you need for packaging such as skin care, massage salt, mask, body cream, hair cream, hair mask or hair wax products.

The standard component is ABS/PP cap and PETG jar, available in different capacities starting from 5ml to 300ml, with the possibility to have customized color and printing multi-color logo.

Simple square PETG Plastic Small Jar with Round Cap

Out of the regular shape, TYH design Simple square PETG plastic small jar with thick wall to display your luxurious brand. In use for special and unsqueezable products easy to take it everywere as a travel kits, samples, promotion, such as cosmetics, personal care and spa products.

This plastic pot it has large customizing options to make your packing unique in the market, it is available in 5ml and 10ml.

Black Round Cap and Clear Plastic Cream Jar

The IN series is a round cosmetic cream jar shape, made of recyclable PETG material, has thick wall finishing, which may cater to what you need for your packaging.

This cosmetic cream jar design is to prove your packaging excellent preservers amid this tough economy. Best use on skin care, massage salt, mask, hair cream, hair wax product.

Available in deferent sizes from 5ml to 120ml.