Loose Powder Jars


For plastic cosmetic loose powder jars are perfect use in make-up loose powder, Minerals powder or glitter powder, fliptop rotating sifters is also availabe upon request

Matt finish and frost effect look. Available decoration: Coating, silk printing, gold/silver hot stamping and labeling are all possible.


Square Shape Cosmetic Jars with Sifter, Stackable Jar

The FQH Cosmetic Jars are designed square sharp edges to give this product more chic look!. Cap & Jar are made of PMMA with ABS inner cap and PE sifter, can be stackable layer by layer in any quantity you assign!

These Loose Powder Sifter Jar are double wall cap struture can be processed with spraying painted color on the outsite of outer cap, inner of outer cap and outside of inner cap according to your designs.

These perfect wallet-sized Loose Powder Jars are portable which contain any eye shadow, color powder, glitter powder, nail art products....etc.

Stackable jar available in sizes 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml....and so on and so forth.

Single jar available in 5ml and 8ml.

In the double wall cap, you can spray print color on outside of cap, insert of outside cap or outside of inner cap.

We have designed this perfect wallet-sized case is portable which can contain any eye shadow, color powder, glitter powder and nail art product. This item have sifter or inner cup can select!

Stackable jar available in sizes 5ml and single jar available in 5ml and 8ml.

Round Loose Powder Container with Sifter

INH is a simple transparent sifter powder container of round shape series, ideal packing design to make popular your make-up product.

Caps made of PMMA and jars are made of SAN.

TYH have design INH loose powder container series with thick wall finished will give to your brand a luxurious image lasting in different ways for your loose powder packing.

Available in capacity 25ml, 40ml, 60ml and 80ml which with PE sifter for powder make-up!

Octagon PS Clear Color Cosmetics Loose Powder Jar With Sifter

BMH series is an octagon shape small jar, designed for girls and pretties' dream shinning like the "diamond".
creating a right-angle edges on corners, like most of cosmetic pots make in clear color.
Cap is made of SAN/PMMA(acrylic) and jar is PS materials.

Available capacity is 5ml, 9ml, 12ml, and ideal for powder products, such as loose powder and face powder, either with small size for sample container or give-away.