About C.E.O

Preface from TYH CONTAINER Director


Paul Chang / C.E.O

Mr. Paul Chang, the head of TYH CONTAINER Ent. Co., Ltd. Recently, seeing the cosmetic products changeable and progressive, TYH CONTAINER has been experienced and grown from cosmetics packaging manufacturing industry for over thirty-two years. Until now, we always keep the main principle for our customers first, and treat our customers with the most reliable attitude. Based on our customers' advantages, we promise our good service and high quality.

TYH CONTAINER supplies to all customers with modern design and multi-choices of cosmetic packaging styles. Nowadays, TYH CONTAINER takes high quality printing, hot stamping, spray painting, and metalization working processes to adjust for customers’ request. Besides, we do have smart and brilliant research team and suppliers to satisfy the global marketing needs. TYH CONTAINER now cooperate effort with multinational suppliers such as Japan, United State of America, Europe, Germany, and South East of Asia. In the mutual business, TYH CONTAINER has a good and positive reputation.

At the last, Paul Chang appreciate for our colleagues and team to let TYH CONTAINER grow up and keep our good service and high quality for belief, TYH CONTAINER surely will continuously improve and create the new ideas for global marketing need. Hopefully all TYH CONTAINER team can work together to let TYH CONTAINER to be the endless growth company, thank you.