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TYH CONTAINER Hot Sale Service Introduction

TYH Container Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Hot Sale supplier and manufacturer with more than 31 years experence. Since 1984, in the Plastic Container Packaging Industry, TYH CONTAINER has been offering our customers high quality Hot Sale production service. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, TYH CONTAINER always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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The most popular cosmetic packaging!

TYH's popular products including Lotion Bottles, Cream Jars, Double-Walled Lotion Bottle, Double-Walled Cream Jar.
You may find out the ideal packagings for various product range from classic single wall bottles to luxurious double wall designed bottle and jars.

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  • Round Clear Loose Powder Jar with Sifter
    Round Clear Loose Powder Jar with Sifter
    INHT (SAN)

    INHT is a simple transparent sifter loose powder jars of round shape series, ideal packing design to make popular your make-up product.Caps made of PMMA and jars are made of SAN.TYH have design powder jar container in capacity 3ml, 8ml, 15ml 20ml 40ml and 70ml which with PE sifter for powder make-up!

  • Black Round Cap and Clear Plastic Cream Jar
    Black Round Cap and Clear Plastic Cream Jar
    IN (PETG)

    The IN series is a round cosmetic cream jar shape, made of recyclable PETG material, has thick wall finishing, which may cater to what you need for your packaging.This cosmetic cream jar design is to prove your packaging excellent preservers amid this tough economy. Best use on skin care, massage salt, mask, hair cream, hair wax product.Available in deferent sizes from 5ml to 120ml.

  • Square Shaped Arched  Jar, a TYH  Double Layer Jar for Personal Care Cream.
    Square Shaped Arched Jar, a TYH Double Layer Jar for Personal Care Cream.
    FR (PMMA)

    TYH Container Square Arched Cream Jar is most classic design for products. The FR is a cosmetic jar suitable for most personal skin care products.This double wall PMMA jar in square shape and sharp corner ending, has the elegance to promote your cosmetic skin care products providing consumers with a more elevated usage experience.The cap can custom color or leave it in original black or white, the jar can spray print frosted or color on insert of jar. Available in 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 200ml for the most common usages.

  • Arc Eye-shape Bottle
    Arc Eye-shape Bottle
    OE-PT (PETG)

    The sleek design of the bottle shoulder presents an advanced sense of hierarchy; the outline like skirts of the bottle sideways is bringing out the elegance of this collection. Overall viewing, the upper eye-shape of the bottle makes the feeling of handcarry more ergonomic and easy to handle, plus the rectangle bottom allows the entire bottle standing with a high stability. Bottle is made by eco-friendly material - PETG. To apply with lotion pump for body care and hair care products, and also to combine with orifice and screw-on cap or dispenser sprayer for liquid products. We provide the most popular sizes in 200ml and 250ml. Any decoration request of logo printing, customized color, frosting and spray painting are available for your unique design.

  • Square Cone Bottle
    Square Cone Bottle
    OD-PT (PETG)

    OD series is designed into extraordinary shape with PETG material which combines Square on the top of the bottle and Round shape at the bottom. The features make it even elegant for cream, lotion, serum, toner products by assembling with different accessories : Sprayer, Pump, Inner plug or Screw caps. Available capacity : 60ml, 120ml, 200ml Customized options : Color Molded, Spray Painted, Hot Stamping, Silk Screen Printed.

  • Cylindrical Round Clear Plastic Bottle with Cap
    Cylindrical Round Clear Plastic Bottle with Cap

    TYH helping to reduce enviroment impact, create a recycable PETG plastic bottle, ideal packaging for personal care formulations. This design in cylinder shape in various dimension design for your different product line, able to decorate in custom color and logo for your branding and unique design..This bottle with cap is an economical container available in sizes from 50ml to 200ml, creating the best profit for your business!

  • Cylindrical Round Clear Plastic Bottle can match with Cap, Pump, Sprayer and lotion Pump
    Cylindrical Round Clear Plastic Bottle can match with Cap, Pump, Sprayer and lotion Pump
    JN-PT (PETG)

    For those seeking plastic bottles with a clear finish, this series is available for custom injection and spray painting as well as frosting finish. Including of translucent and opaque colors.Made of PETG, the plastic bottles offer a very clean look. Straight cylinders. The concept is attractive to the eye.The bottles come in sizes of 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 120ml, 150ml,200ml, and 250ml, which means companies looking for one item for a specific product will find suitable precise size.

  • Oval Curved Bottle in Double-Wall
    Oval Curved Bottle in Double-Wall
    JO (PMMA)

    A Premium bottle has unveiled to catch your eyes! JO30, JO50 are designed in Oval Curved with Double-Wall PMMA material to make it looks even more luxurious, another advanced ECO-Friendly feature is the Screw-On Sheath which is easy for consumer to renew the inner bottle after the content is ran out. TYH made this elegant design able to apply with Pump for facial care products such as serum, moisturizer lotion, night treatment; it can also combine with Dispenser Sprayer for liquid products such as perfume, toner and essence concentrate.

  • Cylindrical Round Shape Plastic Bottle in Double Wall
    Cylindrical Round Shape Plastic Bottle in Double Wall
    JN (PMMA)

    Utility Model Patents: 100204790TYH it has the luxury plastic bottle to define your products from Zero to Hero with this round bottle of plastic made with double wall in material PMMA transparent outer and PETG white tube insert, can give the image you are looking to proyect your product in the market, available for various decoration options will be able to bring you the very unique finish for product performance.Find it in capacities of 30ml, 50ml and 120ml.

  • Square Plastic Bottle in Double Wall
    Square Plastic Bottle in Double Wall
    ER (PMMA)

    The most elegant and beauty square plastic bottle with treatment lotion pump or sprayer pump in double wall, the outer bottle in made it in PMMA is highly transparent, bright, and a clear and inner bottle made in PETG can be clearly or customized color this qualities allow to make a unique designs.This plastic bottle in square shape is a bit arched on the side wall combined with a customized artwork will create more special look.Are available in size from 15ml to 140ml.

  • Round Nozzle Dropper Plastic Bottle in Soft material
    Round Nozzle Dropper Plastic Bottle in Soft material
    HN (PE)

    TYH created a plastic bottle with structure designed so perfectly that users are able to puncture the nozzle by an easy push on its cap without using scissors.This plastic bottle has a round shape design made of PE material, soft and squeezable material whose character convenient for consumers to easily squeeze out to obtain the product, such as serum, lotion, gel, powder and various samples.Available in size from 3ml to 20ml

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