Cosmetic Bottle

Suitable for all diluted or medium-viscosity liquid skincare products

Cosmetic Bottles in single-wall bottles and double-wall bottles. Based on the requirement of cosmetic products for containers, we choose high hygienic and quality materials for the bottle bodies. In addition to classic materials such as PP, PE, and HDPE, we also provide the bottles with UV protection or air density for special needs. These cosmetic bottles have an elegant design and a variety of dispensed methods, such as pumps, sprayer pumps, or plugs. It is very suitable for liquid products that need to be squeezed or sprayed in a certain range, such as lotions, toners, and lubricants.

●  Use PP, PETG, and other environmental-friendly materials for bottles.

●  Capacities from 5ml to 315ml, depending on each style of bottle.

●   Available for diversified dispensers, such as pumps, sprayer pumps, and plugs.

Provide personalized decoration service, such as injection color, metallization, silk screen printing, spray finish, and hot stamping.