To find the product that best suits you, we provide different classifications for easy operation : Capacity, Shape, Material, and Bottle Neck Size.

All kinds of volumes can be found in the Capacity page, small capacity jars / bottles start from 3ml up to 300-500ml large capacity jars/lotion bottles.

You may also find your ideal product through the classification of Shape, including Cylindrical Pump Bottles, Square Sprayer Bottles, Round Cosmetic Cream Jars, Square Shape Cream Jars, Oval & Other shape Plastic Containers.

According to your content and requirement, we also provide different Material for options. From luxurious-looking Acrylic Jars/Bottles, or recyclable PP, PETG, PE, SAN materials to fulfuill ECO-Friendly.

We also provide 18/415, 20/410, 24/410 three kinds of neck size as per your preference in Plastic Caps, Sprayer Pumps, Dispenser Pumps and Lotion Pumps.