20/410 Closures and Caps

TYH Container Innovative plastic closure technology, high-performance capping equipment and expert technical services and training support to help customers all over the world maximize their profits and deliver a total system of unsurpassed customer value and reliability. On this Category you can find all of our Plastic Cap, Acrylic caps to Cosmetic cap for bottle neck size 20/410; Both where presentation as well as functionality are concerned. Different Small cap, Big cap, Screw on caps and Flip top caps are available to select.

Diameter 23.6mm Aluminum Double Wall Screw Cap for 20/410 Neck Size Bottle

This aluminum double wall cap is created in 23.6mm diameter, with PP inner cap, the outer cap can be customized with shiny/matt silver or gold color, it can apply for 20/410 Neck size pp bottles; we also provide pp single wall caps for selection.

Diameter 23mm PP Fine Rib Round Screw Cap for Neck Size 20/410 bottle

This plastic PP cap is created in 23mm diameter with fine rib round shape and standard white color; it can apply for body care bottles; we also provide another top caps for selection.

Diameter 23mm PP Flip-up Round Cap for Neck Size 20/410 bottle

This plastic PP material cap is designed with 23mm diameter, the flip up design for cometic lotion or hair shampoo and hair care product, with white standard color, also can be customized with color molded; this cap is applied for cosmetic bottle Neck size 20/410 .