Square Skin Care Bottles, Airless Bottles


Square Shape Cosmetic Spray Bottle can match with Small cap, Pump and Sprayer

GQ line is designed for Cosmetic Spray Bottle in square shape with a particulary unbreakable, clear, simple and recyclable characteristic. This beautiful square plastic bottle is supplied by our Cosmetic Packaging Factory with an appearance of a glass looking touch in the extreme. Many firms are using them with pumps, sprayers or caps, with customized decoration in a unique personal artwork, what makes the products attractive to the final consumers.

TYH always looking to provide a quality and beauty containers, the GQ plastic bottle made of PETG available in 40ml and 60ml.

Rectangle Shape of Empty Cosmetic Containers

The GAPC Empty Cosmetic Containers are made of durable and clear PETG, and PP cap in rectangular shape take the best design concepts to captures the target markets. These Empty Spray Bottles are also can be applied to personal body & hair perfumes products.

Bottles are available in different sizes from 30ml to 300ml.

PP Square Airless Bottle in Single-wall with PP Airless Pump and PMMA Clear Cap

Airless Bottle in YG-F series is made of PP materials which is the most suitable packing resistent for different formulas, it allows customers to refill the bottles and utilize them.

Airless system is the most no-wastage packaging. This PP square single-wall Airless Pump Bottles and PMMA clear cap is the ideal airless packaging that will simply attract much more attention from consumers for your valuable products.

Available different capacities in 30ml, 40ml and 50ml, with the possibility to have customized color and printing multi-color logo.

Smooth Edge Square Plastic Bottles

Our another unique feature design of smooth edge square plastic bottles, made of eco-friendly material PETG, an elegant, shiny and durable material with the possibility of any decoration request for logo printing, stamping, customized color, frosted and spray painted, these make the design even more classical look.

TYH made the perfect design Luxury plastic bottle able to apply with lotion pump for body care, combine with orifice and screw-on cap or dispenser sprayer for liquid products, assembled with disc cap (reducer cap) for haircare products.

Square Arched Shape Clear Plastic Bottle with Cap

GR line, design in square shape with a bit arcuately, this plastic bottle is an elegant presentation that are perfect for products that are themselves naturally attractive in colour or clarity. Cute square edges, availabe for custom injection and spray painting as well as fronsting finish, including translucent and opaque, colors the bottles are a minimalist's dream, steering clear of complex shaping makes your product looks more elegent!

This plastic bottle made of PEGT is available in diferent sizes from 5ml to 200ml.

Rectangle Shape Clear Plastic Bottle can match with Cap, Pump, Sprayer and lotion Pump

TYH as a qualified and professional company in cosmetic packaging field, The company has released and created a rectangle shape plastic bottle made of PETG able to match with Cap, Pump, Sprayer and lotion Pump

This beautiful plastic bottle is even more stunning when it is decorated with gradient colouring, and customized art design printing making an elegant bottle symbol of beauty.

It is available in different size from 30ml to 300ml

Square Plastic Bottle in Double Wall

The most elegant and beauty square plastic bottle with treatment lotion pump or sprayer pump in double wall, the outer bottle in made it in PMMA is highly transparent, bright, and a clear and inner bottle made in PETG can be clearly or customized color this qualities allow to make a unique designs.

This plastic bottle in square shape is a bit arched on the side wall combined with a customized artwork will create more special look.

Are available in size from 15ml to 140ml.

Square Arched Shape clear Sample Bottle

Availabe for custom injection and spray painting as well as fronsting finish, including translucent and opaque colors, a whole set of the same design is capable of being yours.